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Show Results - Spring 2020, Brackley

Best Bitch & Best In Show: Morrison Jontygray Golden Dream at Ketim
Best Dog, Reserve Bear in Show & Best Opposite Sex: Andersson Multi Ch Frostice Makeover
Reserve Best Bitch, Best Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran In Show: Ambler Chalmoor Stargazer
Reserve Best Dog: Robinson Lavika Lush Life JW
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show: Mottram Lundecock's There's No Limit at Lochkaren (Imp)
Best Puppy Dog: Thornley & Withers Felthorn Cover Story
Best Veteran Dog: Gruszka Samphrey Moonlight Shadow JW


Judge: Sue Walker (Tooralie)
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Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog

Class 13 Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Felthorn Cover Story

2. Shadoway Chance Encounter

1. Lundecock's There's No Limit at Lochkaren (Imp)
2. Mosardi Forget Me Not

3. Shadoway Charlotte Rose

Class 2 Puppy Dog

Class 14 Puppy Bitch

1. Ketim Final Edition

2. Japaro Timeless Design for Samphrey

3. Shadoway Chance Endeavour

4. Lavika Lifestyle

5. Shougies Starmaster

1. Esterbon In The Shadows

2. Kelmstone Shakaya

3. Lavika Mi Vida

4. Ketim Future Edition

5. Shougies Nightstar

Class 3 Junior Dog

Class 15 Junior Bitch

1. Mitchfields Dizzee Rascal at Stanydale

2. Sandyvalley Basil Brush

3. Milesend Blue Jeans

1. Kayla Kiss Ze Shetlandu by Zaniah (Cze Imp)

2. Ontoco Delightful Daisy Mae

3. Sandyvalley Golden Sage

Class 4 Novice Dog

Class 16 Novice Bitch

1. Kyleburn Hidden Dream

2. Shadoway Chance Encounter

3. Japaro Timeless Design for Samphrey

4. Sandyvalley Basil Brush

5. Shougies Starmaster

1. Lianbray Laced With Gold

2. Ontoco Delightful Daisy Mae

3. Esterbon In The Shadows

4. Lavika Mi Vida

5. Shadoway Charlotte Rose

Class 5 Graduate Dog

Class 17 Graduate Bitch

1. Shemist Sea Dragon

2. Shelridge Toastmaster

3. Sanscott Limited Edition

4. Mohnesee's Dream Date of Lizmark

5. Milesend Morning Time

1. Mitchfields Fashion Girl at Felthorn

2. Achor's Surprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp)

3. Sandwick Stage Secret with Follyfox

4. Jontygray Kiss N'Tell

5. Bleatarn Chantilly Lace

Class 6 Post Graduate Dog

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch

1. Jontygray Touch Of Class for Ketim

2. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

1. Clanavon Love In A Mist

2. Ristine Emerald

3. Esterbon Three Kisses for Tighness JW

4. Lavika Love Charm

5. Sanscott Shimmer at Jontygray

Class 7 Limit Dog

Class 19 Limit Bitch

1. Lindfern Light Sabre JW

2. Willowgarth Harvest Sunset over Jontygray

3. Chalmoor Shades Of Gold at Fernfrey JW

4. Achor's Surprise Percy Polaris for Torinska (Imp)

1. Esterbon Bi Storm to Zaniah

2. Shadoway Rosa Esmeralda

3. Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley

4. Chalmoor I'm A Peach at Fernfrey

5. Shemist Fairy Mist

Class 8 Open Dog

Class 20 Open Bitch

1. Multi Ch Frostice Makeover

1. Jontygray Golden Dream at Ketim

2. Lavika Lucky Star JW
3. Samphrey Sea Breeze

Class 9 Sp Open Dog (Sable & White)

Class 21 Sp Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1. Lavika Lush Life JW

2. Sanscott Limited Edition

1. Clanavon Love In A Mist

2. Samhaven Merrie Magic for Torinska

3. Sanscott Sweet Edition

Class 10 Sp Open Dog (Tricolour)

Class 22 Sp Open Bitch (Tricolour)


no entries

1. Ruscombe Work Of Art with Follyfox

2. Ristine Emerald

3. Mitchfields Cover Girl at Felthorn

4. Lavika Spring Queen JW

5. Chalmoor I'm Indi JW

Class 11 Sp Open Dog (Blue Merle)

Class 23 Sp Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1. Shelridge Toastmaster

2. Milesend Blue Jeans

1. Watchwood Sweetheart of Chalmoor JW

2. Shemist Moonflower

Class 12 Veteran Dog

Class 24 Veteran Bitch

1. Samphrey Moonlight Shadow JW

2. Dunbrae Bond's Wish Of Gold for Fernfrey

3. Kyleburn Acis

4. Shadoway Game Of Chance

1. Chalmoor Stargazer

2. Shadoway Perchance To Dream JW

3. Samphrey Shades Of Blue ShCM VW

4. Lindfern Enchanted Sunrise

5. Tighness Tip The Wink

Junior Handling 6-11 years

Junior Handling 12-16 years

no entries

1. Katya Robinson


Photos by Lana


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