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Show Results - Championship Show October 2021, KC Building, Stoneleigh

Best in Show, Best Veteran in Show & Bitch CC: Hardy Ch Dippersmoor Joie De Vivre at Sandwick
Res BIS & Res Bitch CC: Simpson & Hardman Blue Panda among Clemwood
Dog CC & BOS: Stafford Rannerdale Showmaster JW
Res Dog CC: Pearson Edglonian Golden Graham
Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show: Hardy Sandwick Road Runner
Best Bitch Dog: Stafford Rannerdale Queen Of The Dark NAF
Best Veteran Dog: Rutterford Ch Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead JW ShCM



Dogs - Mrs Christine Aaron (Shelridge)
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Bitches - Mrs Diane Moore (Shetlo)
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Class 1 Veteran Dog

Class 18 Veteran Bitch

1. Ch Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead JW ShCM

1. G'm La Vie Ibiza Des Romarins De Mayerling JW

2. Chalmoor Stargazer

3. Herds Hallicia at Iliad

4. Samphrey Shades Of Blue ShCM VW

5. Lucky Liaison at Lianbray VW

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

Class 19 Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Rannerdale The Ladykiller NAF

2. Valmay The Viceroy

3. Sheltisha Caught My Eye

4. Peartbrook Line Of Duty

5. Sheltysham Kiss Me Quick

1. Jontygray Trice As Nice by Lianbray

2. Rannerdale Killer Queen NAF

3. Valmay In Vogue

4. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

5. Shemist Gold Digga

Class 3 Puppy Dog

Class 20 Puppy Bitch

1. Sandwick Road Runner

2. Shelcrest Winter Solstice

3. Blenmerrrow Mazurka

4. Sheltisha Caught My Eye

5. Alnmac Moon River

1. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

2. Rannerdale Villanelle NAF

3. Fernfarm Summer Romance

4. Shemist Gold Digga

5. Shougies Morningstar

Class 4 Junior Dog

Class 21 Junior Bitch

1. Edglonian Golden Graham

2. Lavika Deep Blue Ocean
3. Balidorn Secret Gold

1. Mohnesee Sadie Belle

2. Shougies In The Mood at Drakeshyde

Class 5 Yearling Dog

Class 22 Yearling Bitch

1. Mohnesee Mr Bobbie Black JW
2. Sandwick Songwriter
3. Hamblerose Black Diamond

4. Channerswick My Indulgence at Sabresnipe

5. Mitchfields Cappuccino at Pennymoor

1. Molson Miss Congeniality for Stormraven

2. Pepperhill Jive Talking

3. Shelleary Dreamer

4. Achor's Surprise Orissa for Torinska (Cze Imp)

5. Mohnesee Beatrice Black at Terriwood

Class 6 Novice Dog

Class 23 Novice Bitch

1. Shougies Starmaker

2. Sandwick Road Runner

3. Milesend Kingfisher

4. Padawan Mandolorian

5. Lirren Showtime joins Auberswell

1. Rannerdale Queen Of The Dark NAF

2. Milesend Moondancer

3. Ketim Future Edition

4. Pepperhill Jive Talking

5. Valmay In Vogue

Class 7 Tyro Dog

Class 24 Tyro Bitch

1. Shelcrest Winter Solstice

2. Padawan Mandolorian

1. Shemist Summer Romance

2. Balidorn Golden Amber

3. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

4. Shougies Nightstar

5. Natara Sparkling Lady

Class 8 Graduate Dog

Class 25 Graduate Bitch

1. Felthorn Cover Story

2. Auberswell Ghost Rider

3. Iliad Isle Of Ewe

4. Kyleburn Hidden Dream
5. Milesend Morning Time

1. Lundecock's There's No Limit at Lochkaren (Imp Swe)

2. Milesend Sweet Heart

3. Sandwick Stage Secret with Follyfox

4. Sandwick Showgirl

5. Sheltysham Midnight Lady

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog

Class 26 Post Graduate Bitch

1. Milesend Blue Jeans

2. Alnmac Midnight Flyer

3. Ketim Final Edition

4. Tachnamadra Au Revoir to Milesend

5. Japaro Timeless Design for Samphrey 

1. Molsen Its Morven

2. Aleandr Honey Fay of Milesend (Imp Rus)

3. Clanavon Love In A Mist

4. Kayla Kiss Ze Shetlandu by Zaniah (Imp Cze)

5. Alnmac Killer Queen

Class 10 Mid Limit Dog

Class 27 Mid Limit Bitch

1. Iliad Isle Delight

2. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

3. Sanscott Admiral Blue at Glenthistle

4. Jontygray Touch Of Class for Ketim

5. Castlerose A Shropshire Lad JW ShCM

1. Seavall Taran

2. Lavika Star Babe

3. Milesend Sea Pearl

4. Mohnesee's Mayd Marion At Valmay JW

5. Peartbrook Pearl D'Ore

Class 11 Limit Dog

Class 28 Limit Bitch

1. Rannerdale Showmaster JW

2. Mohnesee's Dream Date of Lizmark JW

3. Highbrook He's Got Style JW

4. Willowthorn's Trushka

1. Philhope Taste Of Summer

2. Iliad Isla Wishes

3. Molson Movie Star

4. Chalmoor I'm A Peach at Fernfrey

5. Neraklee Chardonnay at Shelleary

Class 12 Open Dog

Class 29 Open Bitch

1. Ch Lianbray Lothario JW

2. Highbrook Hobnob JW

3. Shougies Starmaker

4. Pepperhill In The Moment at Valjon

5. Sheltysham Nut Box in Alnmac

1. Blue Panda among Clemwood

2. Mitchfields Fashion Girl at Felthorn

3. Sandwick Stage Show

4. Sheltysham Medley Of Gold AW(S) RI6Ex

5. Peartbrook Pearl D'Ore

Class 13 Sp Open Dog (Sable & White)

Class 30 Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1. Kyleburn Dream Lover at Saxonoak

2. Sanscott Limited Edition

3. Alnmac Moon River

1. Ellenyorn Exclusive to Molson

2. Ch Mohnesee Sweet Dreams JW

3. Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCM

4. Stanydale Luck Be A Lady

5. Jontygray Golden Dream at Ketim

Class 14 Sp Open Dog (Tricolour)

Class 31 Sp Open Bitch (Tricolour)

1. Ch Stanydale Shot In The Dark JW

2. Ch Hillhenry Thunderstorm JW

3. Sandwick Style Council

4. Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr

1. Ch Dippersmoor Joie De Vivre at Sandwick

2. Shemist Dark Angel

3. Ontoco Delightful Daisy Mae

Class 15 Sp Open Dog (Blue Merle)

Class 32 Sp Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1. Ch Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead JW ShCM

2. Sanscott Admiral Blue at Glenthistle

1. Watchwood Sweetheart at Chalmoor JW

2. Natara Sparking Lady

Class 16 Sp Open Breeders Dog

Class 33 Sp Open Breeers Bitch

1. Shemist Sea Dragon

2. Solyric Inaugural Gold JW

3. Auberswell Ghost Writer

4. Sanscott Limited Edition

1. Lavika Time Of My Life JW

2. Samphrey Sea Breeze

Class 17 Sp Open Working Dog

Class 34 Sp Open Working  Bitch

1. Sheltysham Burnished Gold

2. Alnmac Moon River

1. Sheltysham Miss Mayhem AW(G) RI6Ex P Beg.ex

2. Sheltysham Medley Of Gold AW(S) RI6Ex

3. Peartbrook Perle D'Or

4. Shoughies Nightstar

Dog Line-up

Bitch Line-up

Class 35 Junior Handling 6-11 years

Class 36 Junior Handling 12-16 years

Judge: Mrs Mary Bathurst (Auldlyn)

no entries

1. Katya Robinson

2. Sid Gallin


All Photos courtesy of PetPhotosbyLana except Class 13





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