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Show Results - Championship Show October 2023, KC Building, Stoneleigh

Best in Show & Bitch CC: Stafford Ch Rannerdale Queen Of The Dark
Res BIS, BOS & Dog CC: Winfield Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft JW
Res Bitch CC: Standlick Lavika Lagoona Blue of Macstanryn
Res Dog CC: Pierce Philhope In Good Taste
Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show: Hill Molson Mad About You with Molson
Best Puppy Dog: Miles Keycharm Music Man of Milesend
Best Veteran in Show & Best Veteran Bitch: Arnould Shadoway Perchance To Dream JW
Best Veteran Dog: Isdale Viewdale Cuddly Dudley JW



Dogs - Mrs Carole Trueman (Caroelen)
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Bitches - Mrs Linda Whittington (Tighness)
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Class 1 Veteran Dog

Class 18 Veteran Bitch

1. Viewdale Cuddly Dudley JW

2. Sheltysham Burnished Gold

3. Evad Travelling Star
Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

1. Herds Halicia at Iliad

2. Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCM

3. Samphrey Sea Breeze VW

4. Lorainian Celtic Star

5. Keycharm Blue Serenade JW

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog

Class 19 Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Keycharm Music Man of Milesend

2. Valdosta Lionking at Lynscot
3. Willowthorn's Happy Gaze

4. Felthorn Poseidon

5. Edglonian Prime Target with Tolarock

1. Skeldale Wish Upon A Star over Lindfern (Imp Nld)

2. Felthorn Good Time Girl

3. Milesend Silver Moth

4. Myter Lunar Eclipse

5. Felthorn Athena at Stanydale

Class 3 Puppy Dog

Class 20 Puppy Bitch

1. Oakcroft The Mandalorian NAF

2. Rannerdale The Tramp
3. Magic Mike With Molson

4. Valdosta Lionking at Lynscot

5. Brown Sugar of Silverlight (Imp Rom)

1. Mad About You with Molson

2. Keycharm Sweet Candy

3. Tooralie's Mossyfox My Trinity

4. Milesend Silver Chimes

5. Sandwick Valencia

Class 4 Junior Dog

Class 21 Junior Bitch

1. Philhope In Good Taste

1. Milesend Shadow Dancer

2. Molson More About Me at Cocaro

3. Valdosta Galadriel at Faemadra

4. Philhope Taste for Fashion

5. Rannerdale She's A Lady of Auberswell

Class 5 Yearling Dog

Class 22 Yearling Bitch

1. Mosardi Don't Stop
2. Tooralie's Tornade
3. Esstremere Easy Rider

1. Esstremere Silver Lady

2. Keycharm Samba

3. Mohnesee Maybelle JW

4. Sherkarl Copper Load Of This

5. Herds Hight Of Fashion at Highbrook

Class 6 Novice Dog

Class 23 Novice Bitch

1. Oakcroft The Mandalorian NAF

2. Felthorn Christmas Gift

3. Kyleburn Dream Lover at Saxonoak

4. Wavesong's Chasing Rainbows

5. Willowthorn's Happy Gaze

1. Milesend Holly Berry

2. Skeldale Wish Upon A Star over Lindfern (Imp Nld)

3. Myter Lunar Eclipse

4. Sandwick Valentina

5. Sanbrakel Sunshine Breeze

Class 7 Tyro Dog

Class 24 Tyro Bitch

1. Milesend Black Tartan

2. Kyleburn Mithras

1. Echolynn Harmonic among Ristine

Class 8 Graduate Dog

Class 25 Graduate Bitch

1. Kyleburn Dream Lover at Saxonoak

1. Mosardi Forget Me Not

2. Sendora To Be Sensational for Shelridge

3. Valmay In Vogue JW

4. Jontygray Trice As Nice by Lianbray

5. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

Class 9 Post Graduate Dog

Class 26 Post Graduate Bitch

1. Shelcrest Winter Solstice at Suthesley JW

2. Milesend Kingfisher

3. Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonspirit

4. Sandwick Songwriter

5. Lundecocks's Hoopie Doo at Lochkaren JW (Imp Swe)

1. Rannerdale Honey Bee at Highbrook

2. Milesend Moondancer

3. Pepperhill Jive Talking at Calambray

4. Philhope Summer Time to Sherkarl JW

5. Philhope Taste For Glamour

Class 10 Mid Limit Dog

Class 27 Mid Limit Bitch

1. Lirren Quickstep to Oakcroft JW

2. Blenmerrow Merry Minstral

3. Iliad Isle of Ewe

4. Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

5. Shougie's Starmaker at Suthesley

1. Lavika Lagoona Blue of Macstanryn

2. Lavika Soul Of Gold for Lindfern

3. Shadoway Charlotte Rose

4. Rannerdale Not On Your Nelly

5. Milesend Sea Pearl

Class 11 Limit Dog

Class 28 Limit Bitch

1. Blenmerrow Lyricist

2. Shadowess Lockdown Hero

3. Evad Lite Breeze

4. Tachnamadra Au Revoir to Milesend

5. Felthorn Cover Story

1. Molson Its Morven

2. Ketim Future Edition

3. Lundecock's There's No Limit at Lochkaren (Imp Swe)

4. Myter Trend Setter

5. Essstremere Lady Isobel

Class 12 Open Dog

Class 29 Open Bitch

1. Ch Rannerdale Showmaster JW

2. Mohnesees Dream Date of Lzmark

3. Lundecock's Theodor (Imp Swe)

4. Ch Lindfern Light Sabre JW

5. Highbrook Hobnob JW

1. Sandwick Stage Show

2. Ristine Emerald

3. Lavika Lucky Star JW

4. Carolelen Call My Bluff at Faemadra

Class 13 Sp Open Dog (Sable & White)

Class 30 Open Bitch (Sable & White)

1. Lorainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

2. Iliad Isle Delight

3. Blenmerrow Mazurka

4. Shelcrest Winter Solstice at Suthesley JW

5. Kyleburn Dream Lover at Saxonoak

1. Molson Movie Star2. Lorainian Starlight Wonder

3. Stormraven Summer Love by Lianbray

4. Iliad Isla Wishes

5. Divinecroi's Bonny Ailbhe

Class 14 Sp Open Dog (Tricolour)

Class 31 Sp Open Bitch (Tricolour)

1. Shougie's Starmaker at Suthesley

2. Ch Sandwick Stagelight JW

3. Kyleburn Romulus

4. Hamblerose Black Diamond

1. Ch Rannerdale Queen Of The Dark

2. Kelgrove Kinda Black Magic at Hamblerose

3. Beckandfern Angel Delight at Wyckwood

Class 15 Sp Open Dog (Blue Merle)

Class 32 Sp Open Bitch (Blue Merle)

1. Ch Lavika Deep Blue Ocean

2. Milesend Blue Jeans

3. Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

4. Felthorn Christmas Gift

5. Mosardi Don't Stop

1. Ch Mitchfields Fashion Girl at Felthorn

2. Shadowess True Blue
3. Pepperhill Jive Talking at Calambray

4. Dinmore Making Waves at Lavika

5. Pepperhill Light 'n Shade

Class 16 Sp Open Breeders Dog

Class 33 Sp Open Breeers Bitch

1. Auberswell Ghost Rider

2. Lavika Moonlight Storm

1. Ch Mohnesee Sweet Dreams JW

2. Shadoway Perchance To Dream JW

Class 17 Sp Open Working Dog

Class 34 Sp Open Working  Bitch

1. Evad Lite Breeze

1. Sheltysham Medley Of Gold AW(S) R6Ex


Dog Line-up

Bitch Line-up

Class 35 Junior Handling 6-11 years

Class 36 Junior Handling 12-16 years

Judge: Miss Lisa Pettitt (Lakebank)
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no entries

1. Megan Fylyma

2. Mellissa Graham-Weall


Class 37 The Susan & Judith Meadows Special Beginners Stakes
Miss Lisa Pettitt (Lakebank)

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1. Blenmerrow Lyricist

2. Sandwick Songwriter

3. Mosardi Forget Me Not

4. Blarney Black Magic

5. Torinska Ribbon In The Sky

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